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The first threads of our story were spun in 1996 when, meeting the industry’s needs at the time, we began commercialising circular knits.

A company with history

One thread at a time.

The first threads of our story were spun in 1996 when, meeting the industry’s needs at the time, we began commercialising circular knits. Our threads immediately reached a growing number of new clients, solidifying in a constantly changing market, whose requirements we made sure to meet. In 2000, we set the bar high by implementing our own manufacture… and the last decades have been characterised by continuous innovation and evolution. With technologically advanced, powerful and diverse machinery, our production capacity of knit fabrics is high and efficient, designed to be modern, functional and ecological.


This is our pride.
This is our fibre.

The threads that knit us together also connect us to our clients and the market, they are unbreakable, long-lasting, sustainable, exclusive and innovative. They stand out for their colours and textures, versatility and customisation, as well as quality and impact. They are not just any fibre, our fibre has fibre, because a great product starts with great raw materials.

It is not just a matter of meeting the market’s needs, it is a matter of honour – ITJV Têxteis only works with the best textile fibres, be it cotton, Merino wool, Lyocell, viscose, polyester, silk, linen, bamboo, hemp, Tencel, Cupro, Seacell or PCM, among others, because only then are we able to manufacture the best textile compositions and the best knit fabrics, such as Jersey, Pike, Jacquard, Fleece, Italian knit, American knit, etc.

In everything we create, we contemplate the life cycle that the product will have outside of our doors, creating other stories, giving new life to other industries, brands and end consumers. Once they go out in the world, these textile fabrics carry on guiding and connecting, stretching, strengthening and reaching further and further.


To do more and better, always.

A certified company is one that has learned from the past, one that presently has both feet firmly on the ground while looking to the future. A company whose everyday activities are determined by quality, transparency and achievement. With OEKO-TEX CLASS I, GOTS, SUPIMA and LENZING certifications, the goal of ITJV Têxteis continues to be only one: to do more and better, always.


Taking care of our planet, thread by thread.

The future of textiles is green and thriving. Sustainability is not just a trendy word anymore, it has become a watchword. ITJV Têxteis says no to waste, chemicals, surplus and pollution, and says yes to recycling, transformation, reuse, transparency, natural processes and biodegradability.